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The Team WIX racing sponsorship program provides local race teams across America with WIX racing gear, decals, and a 20% rebate on WIX racing filters. If our filters can withstand 100 grueling laps at Eldora - or a 300-MPH-run in the quarter mile - we know that kind of high-performance filtration technology can help you.

There's a reason why more teams rely on WIX filters than any other brand. It's because our experience at the track has led to the development of products that take the toughest punishment racing can dish out. From high temperatures to fluctuation in pressure to the rapid breakdown of engine oil, WIX understands the challenges you face - and we're here to help you overcome them.

Meet the many racers that have joined Team WIX. Racers just like you... racers that enjoy the thrill of the hunt for victory and all the hard work it takes to get there.
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